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Ahoy there matees! Thanks fer visitin ar humble hydaway. A vyrtual buccaneers heaven & pirates paradyse, the purfect place ta hide yer treasures. Ahrrr! That's what ye'll find ere.

Florida History, Historical Locations & Metal Detectorist's Tales of Treasure
Powered by the members of the Gold Coast Treasure Club of West Palm Beach, Florida

Every club member has stories to tell, knows something no one else knows about
the local history, has a video, photos, knowledge to impart...

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Florida History: including prehistoric, geological, archaeology, Native Americans, early explorers, settlers, shipwrecks, hurricanes, ghost towns, local Palm Beach County and more.

We will be adding articles as they are researched and submitted. Copyrighted articles found on the internet will be paraphrased or accessed by a link.

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